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→ And POSE. Walk That Runway.
So yesterday I got this inspiration at like 11:00pm-11:30pm it was great. I got inspiration about Tenten's family and background and stuff. So I'm writing a Background on Tenten's family piece. And since I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! ♥♥♥♥♥♥ I've decided to post the first part~!

There have been many stories told to many children throughout the world about people flying. Everybody says their myths, that people can't really fly. Even Ninja can't fly.

That was, until the Fei family came into existence. They proved the world wrong, people can fly, we're flying aren't we? We are. Don't doubt anything you haven't seen proved impossible, was their motto. After all, they could fly. They challenged impossible things and beat them, proving that you can do the impossible.

This just made people think that they are angels.


Their have been stories told about an amazing family of scholars and ninjas. Who can answer any question, as people have said.

Well it was true, the Xing family can answer any question you throw at them. Even the most ridiculous one they can answer. Knowledge is the key to the world, they said. They proved it. Their family flying through the ranks, starting out as peasants. But they kept rising, until they hit nobility.

They knew what was possible and what was impossible. And they stuck to what the knew was possible

Every one said that the Xing were genius's.


The Fei and the Xing were rivals.
Complete Opposites. Sworn Enemies.
How is it then, that a Fei and a Xing fell in love?
And created a person?
A person known to the Fei, and uknown to the Xing...

Fei Tien. Or just Tenten


Now a days though, it isn't stories of the Fei or the Xing separately, it's stories of the daughter of a disowned Fei and a Xing. The unknown addition to the Xing family, and the known addition to the Fei. She was not one of the Fei, nor is the one of the Xing's. She is the illegitimate child of a Fei and a Xing. Which caused her mother being disowned and her father to leave.

She was compared to the devil a few times in her life. Not by her mother, never by her mother.

The world is now telling stories of a girl with a single name Tien, but more commonly referred to as Tenten.

She could fly just like the Fei could, and she was a ninja like the Xing... And her mother. She was analytical, and studious. She was clearly the daughter of a Fei and a Xing. It was oh-so clear. Yet, the Xing never realized it. The Fei did, oh yes, the Fei sure did. And that was how her mother was disowned. They had known, since the day that her mother had left. They had known that Fei Jin was bringing another life into the world. And with the combined Fei and Xing traits, she would be amazing. They knew. And they were right.

That's all you get from that.

 [EDIT:] I just started writing a life story of Tenten. 8D


The day that Tenten was born her mother, Fei Jin, was officially disowned. Her mother had committed four(or was it three?) of the Fei sins, so she was disowned and had her surname taken away. People had said that it was her daughter's fault, that her daughter was the last straw.

Jin hugged her child tightly, "Dear god, Baby it wasn't your fault. Don't let anybody convince you other wise." Tears streamed down her face and it started to rain. The heavens were crying for them, as they did for everybody who had been disowned by the Fei family in the past. "Look baby, the heavens are crying for us."

And that was how Tien got her name.


And that's all you get. :P Aren't I mean?[/EDIT]

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posed (3) pose?
renuki From: renuki Date: April 9th, 2007 06:27 pm (UTC) (♥ link:)
How interesting.

Poor Ten-Ten.

(Heck, poor mother!)
From: snowyowl131 Date: April 9th, 2007 06:36 pm (UTC) (♥ link:)
My thoughts at 11:30pm are interesting.

I know. ;_;

(I love her mom. <3)
renuki From: renuki Date: April 9th, 2007 07:45 pm (UTC) (♥ link:)


(She seems awesome.)
posed (3) pose?