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[Sequal to the follow up] [Drabble - Naming the Dog] [PG] [Team Sand & Puppy] - &. POSE_XX ;;
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[Sequal to the follow up] [Drabble - Naming the Dog] [PG] [Team Sand & Puppy]

Title: Naming The Dog
Rating: PG (Kankuro's Fault.)
Characters: Temari, Kankuro, Gaara (and their puppy)
Summary: Temari decides that they need to name the new member of their family.
Disclaimer: Yeah... Would Kishi ever write this stuff? Sure he might in recent chapters, but this is all based off of a little plot bunny that kept reproducing.
Notes: The Sequel to “Stupid Mutt” which is the sequel to “What is that?”
Name Ideas from: renuki (Isamu) & Fishy the Prego (Mr. Napkin)
Quick Notes About then Name: Isamu (apparently) means Bravery... And I just took that name because Fishy the Prego kept commenting with it. XP
Thanks: Thanks to renuki for the damn plot bunny that keeps reproducing. :3


The morning after Kankuro had deemed his sister insane, Temari decided that the pup she adopted needed a name. So she brought that fact up at breakfast, “Guys. The puppy needs a name.”

“You were serious about keeping the annoying furball!?”

“I was completely serious Kankuro.”

“That mutt is pure evil I tell ya.”

“Whatever you say Kankuro.” Temari replied while rolling her eyes and deciding to proceed onto naming the pup. “I was thinking something like... Mr. Napkin.”

“NO WAY IN HELL.” Kankuro screamed at his sister. “If we're keeping that mutt, it's atleast going to have a good name.”

“I agree with Kankuro, Temari.” Gaara stated in a monotone voice... like he did with everything.

“I was joking. God.” Temari replied wondering why her brothers took her seriously. “I was actually thinking of something like Isamu.”

“I could live with that.” Kankuro replied, while internally thanking the gods for a good name.

And Gaara only nodded.


posed (3) pose?
renuki From: renuki Date: April 7th, 2007 12:53 am (UTC) (♥ link:)
Don't worry, I am very proud that it's my fault. :P

Yay for the puppy!

*giggles at the Mr. Napkin part*
From: snowyowl131 Date: April 7th, 2007 01:11 am (UTC) (♥ link:)

I love the puppy! <3

I had to use that name. And I was cracking up the whole Time I was writing that.
renuki From: renuki Date: April 7th, 2007 01:47 am (UTC) (♥ link:)


posed (3) pose?